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Thank you <3

I think it’s time to say thank you :*
To All my followers <3
To All the people who reblog(ed) my pictures and texts or even little comments <3
To All the people who mark(ed) my pictures and all the things as their favorites <3
To All people who help(ed) me <3
To All people who motivat(ed) me to keep it on <3
I love All of you <3
And want to say thank you to everyone of you *-* <3
I know I’m German and doesn’t speak englisch well but I try my best that you can unterstand what I want to tell, say or show you (:
Thank you for everything <3
Hope you enjoy my Blog in the future, too. :*

New Chapter Begins *-*
Damn cute *-*

I wonder how people describe me, when they’re talking about me to someone, who has never met me…

Why hurt a girl who never hurt you &#8230;
True Story.!


When a girl
no matter how much you hurt her
still loves you…
When  a girl
stops her Argument with him
to save her relationship…
When a girl
continiuosly makes you feel Special 
and tries to make you happy…
When a girl
is upset
but doesn’t tell you
as she thinks she is annouying you…
When a girl
wants to leave you
because of your rude behaviour,
but she is not able to do…
Don’t let her go…
You may never find someone
like her
Ever again..! <3

Cause your the apple to my pie, your the straw to my berry, your the smoke to my high &’ your the one I wanna marry.! <3

The days seem so long without you, but were too short when we were together&#8230;

The person you love is the one that can hurt you the most <’3

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